Lake Bluff School Caucus

     serving school districts 65 & 115

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The Lake Bluff School Caucus (LBSC) was created by the League of Women Voters in 1956. While we no longer have any affiliation with the LWV, we continue with our mission of seeking out the best volunteers from our community to serve on local school boards.

Two public school districts serve the taxpayers of the Village of Lake Bluff and Knollwood. District 65 maintains two schools: Lake Bluff Elementary School and Lake Bluff Middle School. District 115 operates Lake Forest High School which takes students from District 65 and also District 67 in Lake Forest.

Both Districts 65 and 115 are governed by school boards of seven members. We nominate candidates for all seven positions of District 65. By verbal agreement with the Lake Forest Caucus, we nominate candidates for two of the seven District 115 positions.

The LBSC nominates candidates in the fall of even-numbered years for the election the following spring.  Candidates who interview with us but whom we do not nominate are free to compete in the election, as are candidates who do not interview with us. 

Municipal elections in Illinois are held in April of odd-numbered years; that is, once every two years. School board members serve for four year terms. Therefore, for each election we nominate either three or four candidates for the District 65 board and one candidate for the District 115 board.

The way we go about this work is described in this website and defined in our bylaws.